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Beachcomber's optional Protec design moves the power source equipment outside the hot tub cavity and cabinet.  That allows insulation of all four walls of the hot tub so you can take comfort in all four seasons.  It also gives you extra interior space, a safety step for easy entry, better service access and natural sound proofing.

ACURALUX FINISH Easy to clean, tough and colourfast, and gives a lifetime of beauty and durability.  
gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of customized jets for your hot tub.
gives effective filtration cleaning with maximum room inside the hot tub.
ENERGY EFFICIENT HEATSHIELD COVER seals in heat in any weather, just like a thermos bottle.
HEAT BUMPER SEAL grips the lip of the hot tub to seal in heat in any weather.   ACURALUX ROLLED LIP repels water from the cedar cabinet, preventing decay. 
ENTRY STEP safety for entry and exit, and provides a cover for the equipment.  
designed for maximum power to every jet for the best massage.
motor heat is injected to help heat hot tub water.  QUICK LINK UNIONS move or disconnect the hot tub equipment in minutes.
I-BEAM SUPPORT even weight distribution with truss construction, just like a modern home.  GRAVITY DRAIN water drains completely, just like a normal bath tub. PINKSEAL FOAM FILL a high insulation value saves oney and energy.  GLASLOC BONDING structural bonding process for superior strength and durability. PRESSURE TREATED BASE kick plate raises cabinet off the ground to prevent decay.  UNDERWATER LIGHTING low voltage lighting creates safety and mood. CONDUIT PROTECTION easy front access to all tubing, wiring and cables.  SEATING COMFORT form fitting design with large footwells to relax any size bather. MOLDED HAND GRIPS entry and exit safety for children or the elderly.  CEDAR CABINETRY hand crafted Wester Red Cedar for natural durability.

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